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The teen years are often years of struggle. Motivation can be challenging, decision-making can be difficult and complicated. Confidence fluctuates; attention is distracted, often by electronics. Amidst this stress and anxiety, there are amazing flashes of clarity and potential. How does one find peace amidst all the internal wrangling?

Morgan Rich

Answers arrive when one surrounds oneself with adults who understand, peers who support and parents who are engaged and caring. One of the things I offer is a strong, grounded and masculine presence. My hope is to inspire.

My Coaching revolves around the practice of Training for the Unknown. Imagining the Unknown can be intense and frightening. Full of uncertainty, it’s often a place of confusion and isolation; a vast and terrifying landscape of perceived dangers, precipitous cliffs and abysmal caverns. Whatever paths exist, if discernible, are littered with insurmountable obstacles with no definite form or descriptive names. In this life, prepare to venture into these places. Well-worn paths of avoidance rarely lead to the destinations we truly desire. 

For teens, this unknown territory may be real or imagined, close in time or far away. The uncertainty might exist out beyond the high school years, in a choosing a new school, entering a new school year, a test, a relationship, a job. Or it might simply be getting out of bed each day. 

If this sounds like the territory your family has ventured into, we are glad you have found this place where you will find guidance. Welcoming is important to us and you are welcome here.

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