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We help adults know & trust teens

We help teens know & trust themselves

How nice would it be to feel trusted and capable? To feel confident in yourself? To know what you want? To have the friends and connections you crave? To feel excited about life?

No one can escape difficulty and trouble. But, you can be ready for it when it comes. And you have to remember, the best, most important learning happens by fighting through difficulty.

The focus here isn’t grades, test scores, and getting into the best college. The focus here is about feeling alive, hopeful, and ready for the hard times. We’re all about the life skills you need to dig in, be motivated, and believe in yourself enough to be able to fight for the life you want.

Trouble, struggle, frustration, disappointment, confusion, uncertainty, loneliness are part of life, here is a taste of  what can be done with those opportunities? We help teens deal with the Right Trouble and help the parents learn to appreciate and support it. We aren’t about fantasyland and the status quo, we are about real life and doing what it takes to live a meaningful, fulfilling life that makes a difference.

If you’re interested in that, this is a great place for you.

Parenting isn’t meant to be done alone or without guidance. Being a teen isn’t meant to be done alone or without guidance. These are hard and confusing stages of life. Having someone to reassure you and help you make sense of the journey can be really helpful. You don’t want to spend energy frustrated and doubting yourself, you want to spend your energy connecting, learning, and making your one life count.

If you’re ready to have the life you want, you’re going to like it here. We care deeply about people.

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Morgan Rich

Finding your path

I promise you can feel clear and confident in your parenting and in your teens direction!

Hi, I am Morgan Rich, founder of Play Huge Coaching. Since 1993, I’ve helped thousands of teenagers and parents build the skills and confidence necessary to find and share their gifts with the world. My commitment to you is to help you be the parent you want to be and to help your teenager grow their confidence and sense of self that they’re going to need to find a meaningful life our there in that crazy world. If you’re ready to find out what it takes, check out How It Works. Or maybe you’re still wondering If this is for you?


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Powerful one-on-one exploration, guidance, and support for teenagers and parents. It’s anti-therapy for those ready to discover what’s possible for you.

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Experience inspiration and insights with a group of people commited to taking on their life together. Great for non-traditional learners who love and care about people.

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Morgan’s honesty, intensity, and playfulness are available for any group of teenagers, parents, or adults who are ready to take on their life.

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What They’re Saying

  • Alexia, mom of an ADD middle schooler

    "Wow Morgan, your listening is outstanding. My husband and I are impressed by the presence you have on calls and your ability to understand our kid. Thank you for the work you're doing with him."

  • Ruth H. – Newsletter subscriber

    "Thank you so much for the work you do. It is deeply meaningful to me. It blesses me and enriches my life to know that you are helping these young men learn that there are different ways of moving about life. You help them to explore and find options in the midst of a seemingly certain lack of options."

  • Jennifer, HS junior

    "Morgan, You help me stay motivated, inspired, and open-minded to the new challenges I am going to face, even though they won't be easy. I'm going to stay positive."

  • Joe Ruggiero, PHD

    "In our ongoing search to finding deep meaning and purpose in our lives, Morgan encourages us to act - to move forward with courage and dignity, with confidence and respect - in short, to 'Play Huge!'"

  • Monica, parent of HS senior

    "I'm impressed with what I saw happening in our kid, just what she needed to get her talents out and show more of her great personality. It's kind of a liberating experience, to be able to be herself and not be afraid of other's approval. She still has a lot to learn but slowly she will find the way!"

  • Daniel, HS graduate

    "He is really fun and inspiring to hang out with."