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Parenting isn’t meant to be done alone or without guidance. It’s really hard and confusing. Having someone to reassure you and help you make sense of the journey is a very old and important idea.  Then you’re able to focus your energy not on wondering whether you’re in the right game, but rather on making the connection with your teen.

For teens, having a non-parent to talk to who they trust is huge. Trusted support allows teens to focus on getting into and out of the Right Trouble, not getting trapped in the doubt, confusion, and uncertainty of adolescence. The teens I work with  report feeling more motivated, alive, organized, accountable, and willing to take risks. They are surprised how much fun we have and how valued they feel when we hang out.

My parents report

  • Better connection with their teen
  • Understanding of and compassion for themselves as parents
  • More energy and engagement from their teen
  • Relief  – knowing they’re teen is talking and has trusted guidance
  • Gratitude – knowing that they’re going to be ok and that they’re on a solid path

My teens report

  • Wanting to show up – to school, to our appointments, to opportunities, to life
  • Being able to talk about the hard stuff
  • Being less lazy – doing the things they they usually avoid
  • Feeling supported and understood
  • Clarity – fewer “I don’t knows” 
  • Taking risks, making hard choices, and loving it
  • Feeling confident, alive, and valued

The desire to thrive might be buried or confused, but if it’s in there, I can help find it through one of these coaching programs. When you’re ready to ask about a specific program or want to talk about which one is right for you,  you can:

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I work with teenagers and parents who are searching for clarity, motivation, connection and more. It often looks like struggling and difficulty –   getting in trouble, checking out, not caring, not being motivated, being difficult. What I know, and bring out, is that inside that struggle is the desire to thrive.

My clients get re-connected and develop the kinds of relationships that you’d want. They feel motivated and hopeful. The find the clarity, confidence, and skills to step into the next stage of life.

Signature Program – Getting into and out of  The Right Trouble – 10 month program

This is an intensive program designed to help teenagers find their path in life. On the journey to Become Yourself, you have to develop the life skills you’re going to need. When HS is over, most teenagers take those first steps into their independent lives, and they need to be ready. The skills they’re going to need range far beyond academic skills (where much of the focus is), and finding the Right Trouble is designed to develop those skills. It provides the perfect guidance and preparation to help teenagers handle the stress and pressure of school while learning what they’ll need to be successful out there.

Great for HS students who are struggling with school, motivation, & engagement; great for kids away at boarding school; perfect for college students or gap year adventures! Here is what you can expect from the program.

  • Feel confident, clear, strong, and ready for the challenges of your journey
  • Understand who you are, your gifts, and your path to success
  • Find your motivation
  • Feel supported, seen, and understood
  • Explore and experience the world knowing you are doing what you should be doing
  • Get into the right trouble (and learn from it)
  • Find friends and mentors who support you

High School Coaching – Get SCRAPI – 3 month program

This is a great place to start for HS students who are struggling with school, self-confidence, motivation, social or academic engagement. The focus on any one of the following, to be determined as we establish your Personal Coaching Agreement. “Get SCRAPI” is similar to Getting into the Right Trouble, but more focused and usually, but not always, we’ll use school as a place to experiment and learn skills.

  • In trouble?  Righting the ship
  • Relief from the confusion and uncertainty: Identify your journey to confidence, clarity, and aliveness
  • Connect to deep self and the part of you coming alive
  • Am I okay?
  • Organization & motivation – accountability to self
  • Communication & connection
  • Skill building

Middle School Coaching – Making Middle School Mean Something

As kids enter adolescence, all kinds of changes are happening. Middle school is a wacky time – most of us don’t remember those awkward days with great fondness. Grades don’t really matter in middle school, at least not as much as getting your systems down. Among the important systems to figure out are how to survive socially, how to organize yourself, having some idea of what is happening in your body (and having someone you trust to talk to about it who makes the uncomfortable stuff a little less uncomfortable, and actually useful), managing technology and communicating with people, among others. Making Middle School Mean Something (MMSMS,  how fun is that to type!), is just an awesome way to support your teen and get you and them the guidance that will help navigate this fun time of life.

Middle school students who are struggling with motivation, loneliness, lack of self-confidence, social difficulties will love this program (as will parents)!

  • Learn how to handle difficult situations
  • Make connections with others (friends, teachers, parents)
  • Manage screen time/manage yourself
  • Gain organization and prioritization skills – accountable to self
  • Get ready for high school


Coaching for Parents

In many ways, this is the most important program that I offer. Supporting you to support your teenager(s) is huge. From the Rites of Passage work that I do, to help everyone transition from one stage of parenting to another (how to handle a teen is very different than how to handle an 8 year old), to knowing how to listen, to what you do when they’re leaving home, to how to handle your middle schooler, there is lots of good work to be done here.  I love working with parents and helping you grow the relationship you want with your teenagers.

HS Seniors & Parents: Senior Year and Beyond

It’s easy to get caught up in the stress and pressure of senior year and the whole college thing, and miss out on the last year of being at home with family and friends. I’ve seen too many grads and families full of regrets after graduation that they hadn’t made more of an effort to connect during the year, now realizing that the end of this stage of life was near. It’s both an exciting time and an emotional time that deserves special attention.  I am super excited to launch this program officially after spending a couple years beta-testing it.

Those are the offerings for the 2014-15 school year.  Which one is for you?

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I’m Morgan Rich, founder of Play Huge Coaching, and I do all the coaching in these programs. Since 2005 I’ve helped thousands of teenagers build the skills and confidence necessary to take on their lives and pursue their passion. If you want to begin to make a difference and start experiencing the real world and all it’s lessons, I am here to support you.

At the heart of all my coaching programs is a commitment to helping teenagers build the skills they’ll need to be successful in the real world. 

Now looking through
the slanting light
of the morning
window toward
the mountain
of everything
that can be,
what urgency
calls you to your
one love? What shape
waits in the seed
of you to grow
and spread
its branches
against a future sky?

– David Whyte, from What to Remember When Waking

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