Basic Package

a blueprint for success as one strides into the Unknown

Training for the Unknown is structured around developing an Unknown Training Action Plan (UTAP). The UTAP grows directly out of the trust and honesty that is established through our conversations. The UTAP will suggest an Action Plan and provide Tools that empower the individual to deconstruct the obstacles of their resistance, gaining insight into the protective layers woven into their thinking and behavior, whatever patterns these may have taken. With this new understanding, we will safely unravel or discard these outdated strategies and build a new relationship with Self. Training for the Unknown provides the necessary equipment to navigate life’s difficult decisions.

Coaching is specifically designed for each client’s personal needs and current level of capacity.

We will create a plan of guidance and support to allow your relationship to thrive. We meet regularly to plan and strategize, discuss specific steps for implementation, troubleshoot problems, and brainstorm.


The Basic 5-session program includes four 50-minute teenager sessions and one 50-minute consultation with parents to assess progress, discuss observations and to ensure the most effective course of action is being taken.

At the beginning of the fourth session, the UTAP (link to sample) will be presented and discussed with the teen. This UTAP provides a clear path forward and is a direct result of coaching sessions with the teen and parents. The UTAP will address specific personal projects (school success, adolescent transitions, relationships or general conditions in the client’s life, for instance) The UTAP is a blueprint for success as one strides into the Unknown.

There is an expectation that the 5-session program will be completed within a 6-week calendar period, unless specific arrangements are made. There is a mutual commitment that is to be respected.

Premium Package (includes parent sessions)

Ultimate Package (includes Implementation coaching sessions)