Training for the Unknown – Basic Package

Preparation for life beyond comfort

Basic Package

Play Huge Coaching’s Training for the Unknown basic package is a 5-session program that is structured around developing an Action Plan designed jointly and specifically for each client’s personal needs and current level of capacity.

Action Plans suggest strategies for navigating life’s difficult decisions, provide guidance and support, and will add tools to one’s toolbox. By engaging in this process you will better understand your teenager and gain the perspective to provide the critical support they need to find their unique path in life. We meet regularly (usually weekly) to plan and strategize, discuss specific steps for implementation, troubleshoot problems, and brainstorm.

The basic package costs $575 and includes four (4) 50-minute teenager sessions and one (1) 50-minute consultation with parents to assess progress, discuss observations and to ensure the most effective course of action is being taken.

If you are interested in this program lets start by scheduling a free 30 – minute in-person consultation.