Coaching documents

Preparation for coaching


All information provided will be kept strictly confidential, except for professionally required reporting disclosures – i.e. self-harm, violent plans, or dangerous disclosures. For professional credentialing purposes I submit your name, contact information, time frame(s) during which we’ve partnered, and total number of hours we’ve coached together to the International Coach Federation (ICF).  No content or specific information of our coaching is submitted to the ICF.   

How does one pay?

Coaching Implementation

___ Basic      $575 ___ 12 sessions

___ Premium    $750 ___ 4 sessions

___ Ultimate   $1375 ___ 1 session

Upon choosing the appropriate Package and signing your Client Agreement, please send payment to:

Play Huge Coaching, LLC

1745 SE 37th Avenue

Portland, OR 97214

Make the check payable to Play Huge Coaching, LLC.

Using PayPal:

Steps to a credit card payment:

  1. Go to
    1. Log into your paypal account (if you have one)
  2. Click on the tab that says “Send Money”
  3. Email address to send $ to:
  4. Choose Services as the type of purchase
  5. Choose your payment type
  6. Write an email message if you like, then click Send

Cancelation Policy and Missed Appointments

If there is a need to re-schedule a coaching call, requests may be accommodated provided there is notice given 48 hours prior to the scheduled call.  This communication must come from the client (i.e. not the parent if the student is in HS or older than 16) and must be done via voice (i.e. not a text message or email).  There is no refund given for calls that are missed or for requests made with-in 48 hours. If there is a specific need to cancel a multi-session pre-paid package, there will be a $100 cancellation fee. (And refund of remainder? How prorate refund?)

Client Agreement

To begin our working relationship, and to maximize our effectiveness, I make the following requests. Please initial to signify your understanding and acceptance.

____ As a client, I understand and agree that I am fully responsible for my well being during my coaching, including my choices, decisions, and commitments.  

____ As a client, I agree to be on time and prepared for the coaching meetings, including having completed any “homework” prior to the session.

____ As a client, I agree to be present and engaged during coaching meetings and calls (i.e. no texting, web surfing, doing dishes, getting groceries, driving, etc…) so that I can fully participate in and maximize the results of my efforts and commitment.

____ (For Telephone Clients) As a client, to the best of my ability, I agree to use a land line (i.e. not a cell phone) for coaching phone calls. Poor cell phone reception or disconnections often make effective communication difficult.

Our signatures on this agreement indicate full compliance with the requests above, understanding of the services to be provided and the financial obligations contracted in exchange for coaching services.


Client Date


Parent(s) Date


Coach – Morgan Rich Date

Please sign and return the form to:

Morgan Rich

Play Huge Coaching

1745 SE 37th Avenue

Portland, OR 97214

You can also take a picture of it and text it to 503-475-8294

Thank you!

Personal Information Fact Sheet

All personal information is confidential and treated appropriately.

Client Information

Client Name:

Name you like to be called:


City, State, Zip:

Parents Name:  

Address (if different):

City, State, Zip:

Contact Information

Home phone:

Work/Cell phone:

E-mail address:

Parent e-mail address(es):

Daily Activity Information

School name:

Do you work? If so, where?

Personal Information

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