Design a Rite of Passage Ceremony

For the important transitions in life

Lets create a ceremony for you! 

Are you trying to help someone who might be falling through the cracks, but aren’t sure what to do?

My coaching can help you find a solution.

Rites of Passage ceremonies can bring the purpose and clarity that help young people (and older people too) feel hopeful and find their sense of purpose.

What you can expect from the process of creating a Rite of Passage event:

  • Clarity. Honesty. Hope. Acceptance. Guidance.
  • Custom ideas to honor the particular event that is happening in your life
  • As much or little spiritual talk as suits you
  • Ways to connect with old wisdom and knowledge
  • Permission to do what you feel is best
  • Information about the essential elements to have a meaningful ceremony
  • Encouragement that you can do it on your own

“When my wife told her friends that I was going to the woods for a ceremony to honor the transition that’ll happen when the baby comes,
they all wanted to cancel their shower and come along.”

Jesse, a new father, after our weekend acknowledging the transition from not begin a parent to being a parent

 How it works:

  • Three 75 minute meetings with Morgan (Sharing Ideas, Designing the ROP, Honing & Practicing)
  • Essential Elements handout
  • On the fly support, so as you’re thinking through the event you can ask questions

 Cost is $399. Discounted cost $349! Sign up now!

 If you’d like me to help you on the day of the Rite of Passage Ceremony, I’d be honored. It could be a couple hours or a full day or weekend event (which are totally awesome), just be in touch and we can talk through that possibility!


Contact Morgan for more information and to set up a consultation