A New Kind of Men’s Group

Do you have a hunger to allow more power, more care and more connection into your life?

The mission of this group is to bring your inherent hunger for more personal power, caring and connection through the group into your daily life.

Specifically, this group is for men who want…

  • to explore what healthy masculinity is and what it feels like in this world
  • to increase their ability to be vulnerable and experience a full range of emotions
  • to be honest, share feedback and wholeheartedness with other men
  • to increase their engagement in their relationships, work and community
  • to increase their agency and increase the depth of their care
  • to increase the activity in their own lives
  • to start from (and accept) exactly where they are and not from where they wish they were
  • to engage with the world that exists today in the most powerful ways possible
  • to be held accountable for the goals they set for themselves
  • to make the shift from consumer to citizen


Location: 2006 SE Ankeny St. Portland, OR 92714
What days/what time: 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month from 6:30 – 8:30 pm
When: starting November 2nd
Price: $150 per month
Leaders: Morgan Rich, PCC and David Hanna, LPC

Please email or call David Hanna with questions. I will be conducting a 15-minute screening for each prospective member.
David’s number is: 971.303.3004