Beneath the Surface

A guided discussion for parents who wish to delve

As parents, we want to do the best job possible in raising our kids and helping them recognize and grow into their full potential. I am constantly seeking ways and asking questions about how I can accomplish this. My conclusion is that there are no quick and easy solutions.

Throughout my years as both a parent and a Certified Coach, I’ve found that discussions, unless consciously directed, often skim the surface and avoid delving into the depths of self, where the answers truly lay, oftentimes buried under layers protective armor. We dance around the edge or demark spaces as forbidden territory simply because they are difficult to navigate. We develop patterns of behavior that seek to avoid making waves. Avoidance does not create solutions.

I yearn for genuine, open, loving conversations with my fellow parents. What I bring to our discussions is vulnerability, honesty and a willingness to explore my own nature, self-doubt and uncertainty, anxiety and insecurity, to be uncomfortable and, from these places, envision constructive solutions. Conversations that skim the surface are not nearly as interesting (and rarely as productive) as those that deeply stir the waters.

When we gather, we share our stories, frustrations, questions, tears, fears, anger, and joys. Everything is on the table. We explore the territory we know is essential for connection, but also know is uncomfortable and even frightening.

The pathways into these vulnerable spaces are often hidden and treacherous. Like an epic trek, experienced 

guidance is valuable in finding our way in. The only way we will create the relationships and connections we want with our children is through our own honest, vulnerable exploration of ourselves and the recognition of our side of the equation.

Because I wasn’t able to find such a place as I am describing where we all can meet and explore, I am creating that safe haven. Together we will define this space and explore.

I invite you to join this courageous community.

To allow for ease in attending and accessibility, our meetings will be held in an online videoconference called Zoom that allows everyone to be connected and participate as part of the group. Directions and a link will be provided.

When:  Tuesday evenings
February 13, 27
March 13
April 3, 17
May 1, 15, 29
June 12

Time:  5:00 – 6:30 pm PST

Where:  Zoom conference room (FYI – Zoom is an online discussion platform)
You can easily log-in from any computer or smart phone

Cost: Full Beneath the Surface program – $159 for all nine gatherings (you save 30%)

Drop in meeting – $25