Parent Talk! Preparing our kids for the unknown

Learn ways to listen, understand, and help your teen! Gather with other parents for relief and insight into teens being teens!

Whether your kid is struggling and in trouble or just stuck with motivation or doing wonderfully and now making interesting decisions, you likely have questions, concerns, frustrations, and a lot of wonder about how you enhance the connection with your teen.

You are not alone! Join a group for caring, committed parents trying to survive the teen years!

Parent Talk (2)


The aim is to make Parent Talk like our own coffee house jam with warm beverages and good friends who are willing to talk about the hard, real stuff going on – that is where the relief and answers are!

There is good, healing medicine in the insights we uncover from one another. I’ll share perspective from my daily interactions with parents and teens to help you feel prepared to help  your young people head off into the unknown to discover and deliver the unique gifts they were born to give.

Here are the dates until the end of the 2017:

October 3, 17, 31
November 14, 28
December 12

You can register by paying for sessions below. The basic question is whether you want to come for 1 week, 2 weeks, or 6 weeks at this point.

$25 for 1 session

$40 for  2 sessions

$109 for 6 sessions