Your Path to College Success is Different Than You Think

We are gathering to share insight and information to assist our teenage students, whose lives are in the balance.

An event hosted by: Morgan Rich, MA, PCC

In my decade of coaching young people and families through the transitions between high school and the adventure beyond, the pervasive question that has emerged for the whole spectrum of students,

“How do we find the right educational experience going forward?”

Many kids, and families, believe that they are facing The defining moment of their life. They feel that the decision about college will make or break their future.

College has assumed a role as the essential prerequisite to a successful life. 

Students feel pressured by the weight of their decision But inside, they may feel unsure, incapable, uncertain, or scared. Perhaps they feel like I did when I was that age, oblivious. I simply lacked the perspective to make truly informed decisions when looking at college.  

The stakes and internal insecurities are a source of immense stress anxiety. Responses often take the form of being overwhelmed to the point of procrastination, avoidance, immobility, indecision, and fear. 

Yet, there is another way. 

Your path to college success can be a path of wholeness, health, and clarity. Together, let us explore what it looks like and where it leads. 

TaborSpace, November 9th
7 – 830 PM
5441 SE Belmont, Portland
$10/person, $15/family

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