Pathfinders – Young Men’s Virtual Group

Follow the energy in you that wants to be alive, inspired, not satisfied, frustrated, and feels deep in you is something amazing

The current model of success is broken and outdated.

To live the life you want you have to get past the same old, same old. You have to follow the energy in you that wants to be alive, inspired, not satisfied, frustrated, and feels deep in you is something amazing.

There something in you that wants more? That wants people in your life who are excited about stuff, curious to explore, ready to take risks, to try new things, to have real conversations!

Can you can feel that?

That desire is in you. But you may not be tuned into it yet, or trust it yet, because the things you do everyday do not even come close to matching that feeling in you of what you really want…of how you want your life to be. That desire, that “call”, feels far away.
But you do want your life to be different…more exciting…more interesting. You want to do something that matters. You want to have awesome friends. You want to feel successful. You want what you do to make a difference and have some kind of impact! This is the call – this feeling of not wanting life to suck – of wanting your life to Thrive!

If wanting your life to Thrive is living in you, then you are not alone! If you are anything like us, beneath all the lazy, bored bullshit, you are ready to go after it!

That’s good, because that’s what we’re doing. And we’d love you to join us!

Are You a young guy between the age of 18 and 25 who wishes to:

  • Be clear about who you are, what you want, and how to get it?
    Participate in Fun, Challenging Activities that have a point?
    Discover And Create Your Life’s Direction…On Your Terms?
    Develop Meaningful Friendships and Relationships?
    Experience being successful in learning things that matter to you?
    Trust Your Sense Of Purpose?
    Understand and Trust Your Unique Gifts and Abilities?
    Explore Deep Questions Within A Community Of Like Minded People?
    Make a Difference in Big Ways?

If this is you, please read on.

Life is tough…

We’ve heard young men say over and over again: “We need you older guys to get over your crap faster. If all we have to look forward to is being old, depressed, disappointed, and uninspired we aren’t going to make it.”

Here we are. We’re not perfect, but we’re here.

We get it, it is hard being young guy today. You are supposed to be motivated so you can do well in school, get good grades, get into the best college, get the right job, in order to have a good life. You are supposed to be responsible, work hard, and be like everybody else.

How is that going for you?
We’re guessing you agree that there is another way.

A way that you feel your connection to your own motivation, your own call to action. No more being told what to do, but rather, finding out what you are MEANT to do.

Is this sounding like something that inspires you?

We created Pathfinders for the young man who wants to get traction in his life. The guy who is ready to step into his greatness on his terms.

We know it is possible for you to feel confident, inspired, passionate, connected, and have the clarity you need to really make a difference in the world. We know your knowing “who you are” and “what you want” is available to you. We know you can be part of this elite group..


Here is a video of Tom Kelly and I talking about the group (it’s 1 minute):

Here is the Facebook event page: