Survive & Thrive

Mindfulness and Real Life Training for Our Teen Boys

Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Training

Survive and Thrive is a program developed by Morgan to be fun, helpful, and real. We talk about anything and everything. We aim to be the opposite of boring and lonely. Our main goals are to have a blast and learn how to love life.

Do you like to play, laugh, and have fun? Do you wish to spend your time with people who are interested in having 

more than superficial conversations? Do you value people you can trust, whom you have confidence in and can share bonds of recognition?

If you spend time searching for your motivation, wishing school were easier, being annoyed at the annoying stuff, stressed at the stressful stuff, or wondering where the exciting ideas and people are, then Survive and Thrive is for you!

Make no mistake, you will be challenged. Maybe showing up will be hard. Maybe being vulnerable will be uncomfortable. Maybe dealing with the other guys will be annoying. But this is reality and everything we do is here intended to give you the tools to figure these situations out. How will you ever get good at solving the difficult puzzles in life without safely experimenting with solutions to what you are facing now?

Together we build the trust to safely delve into the murky depths, ask the wild questions that are often ignored and explore the uncomfortable territory that comes with being a teenager.

Survive and Thrive is designed to help one:

  • Experience what it’s like to be motivated.
  • Feel accepted. Understood. Seen.
  • Make clear and confident decisions.
  • Learn what it’s like to be assertive and decisive.
  • Experience being part of an awesome team where you feel understood and appreciated rather than isolated, lonely or lost.
  • Cultivate the notion and practice of seeing one’s “deficiencies” as assets.

Survive and Thrive will continue to be led by Ian Abraham and myself. Ian combines his great instincts and experience with young people, a vast knowledge of the natural world, and deep caring for the health and well being of our young people!  It’s an absolute gift for us all to have him along for the journey!


To sign up for the spring session click here:


When: Monday’s from 6 – 8 pm
Where: Yoga Union at the Breathe Building, 2311 SE 50th Ave, Portland
Dates: Mondays –  April 2 – June 11, 2018
Who: Eager, curious teenage boys
Cost: $295 (early price until May 15)