Training for the Unknown

Preparation for life beyond comfort

Training for the Unknown is structured around developing an Unknown Training Action Plan (UTAP). The UTAP grows directly out of the trust and honesty that is established through our conversations. The UTAP will suggest an Action Plan and provide Tools that empower the individual to deconstruct the obstacles of their resistance, gaining insight into the protective layers woven into their thinking and behavior, whatever patterns these may have taken. With this new understanding, we will safely unravel or discard these outdated strategies and build a new relationship with Self. Training for the Unknown provides the necessary equipment to navigate life’s difficult decisions.

Morgan Rich and play Huge Coaching, LLC, provide services that promote a comprehensive process for personal transformation, designed jointly and specifically for each family/client. You will come to see that helping your teen means allowing them to explore, make mistakes, and learn whom they truly are. As young adults their work is to accept the path that flows from their heart. Their journey is to get beyond the “you should be’s” and move with confidence on this journey of discovery where real meaning and fulfillment will unfold. By engaging in this process you will begin to better understand your teenager and have the tools and perspective to provide the critical support they need to find their unique path in life.

Play Huge Coaching’s Training for the Unknown program is offered as a 5-session program, an 8-session program or a 15-session program. Having completed any of these “prerequisites,” sessions may be booked individually.

Coaching is specifically designed for each client’s personal needs and current level of capacity.

We will create a plan of guidance and support to allow your relationship to thrive. We meet regularly to plan and strategize, discuss specific steps for implementation, troubleshoot problems, and brainstorm.

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