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Huge play!

Experiences of Wholeness are essential. You know those special moments when you dream big? Those moments when time slows down and you imagine what you really want?

Any experience of being Whole will take those dreams and make them feel possible.

Imagine Yourself:

  • Being on a team that is driven to excellence beyond the collective talent
  • Getting lost in the outdoors (literally and figuratively) in complete safety
  • Being in a group that pushes beyond what you think possible into uncomfortatble areas
  • Expressing yourself in ways that feel Alive
  • Awaken your passion
  • Experiencing people who surprise you, challenge you, and are ready to explore their limits together

These are just a taste of some of the expericnes you can find through Play Huge Coaching.

It is so important that these experiences happen, because without them it’s easy to feel like the inner imagination that lives inside you will never happen in the outside world.

I am sorry to say that these kinds of experiences rarely happen in our schools, so most of our young people are missing out and therefore struggling to find their way in the world…just look and listen to them and you’ll see it.

Experiencing Wholeness creates Hope.

Hope drives us to explore life, to be courageous and creative, to persevere and be resilient, and to use our instinct and intuition. Hope drives us to discover our Self.

That’s Huge!

Check out the events below. Contact me to share your experiences, ask questions, or sign up.

Thank you for being interested in this work and I hope you find something on my site that helps you take a step forward.

Playing Huge

Here are the upcoming events:

YMC Initation Weekend