Find Your Path

A youth mentoring workshop - August 2017

 find your path I

Find Your Path provides a taste of what is possible with our lives when we push beyond our barriers, when we say “Yes!”, and when we show up.

Ready to create a successful launch into the new school year?

Find Your Path provides a taste of:

  • what is possible with zestful and uninhibited aliveness
  • learning how to take steps forward in our lives
  • how to connect to one another and ourselves
  • confidence and clarity around what to do with your life
  • feeling motivated and avoiding that crappy feeling of falling short and ending up disappointed with yourself

In short, if you’ve ever struggled and are frustrated as you try to get yourself moving forward, we will give you the tools necessary to start making positive changes in your life.

Join us this Summer 2017 while there is still time.

“Just show up and come here. If you just make the one decision to come,
the rest of the decisions in your life will be so much easier.”
– S, age 17

This is our commitment. We want you to be a part of it.

Many participants will be experiencing:

  • Not being ready for Summer to be over
  • Overwhelmed at the thought of returning to school
  • Wanting to get off your lazy ass and have an adventure
  • Confusion about what is next in your life
  • Desire for excitement

As you head into the fall and whatever challenges you’re facing, we invite you to find that place in you that knows, absolutely knows, that this sounds so intriguing, and so different than anything you’ve ever experienced, that you absolutely have to find a way to say “Yes!” and enroll now!

“I’d encourage people who are on the fence to just go for it…
that is the whole point of the event, to learn to go for the things you love and who you want to be.”
T, age 18

If you need more information call Gideon at 310-773-6055 and here are some FAQs to help with questions: Is this for my kid? How do I get them to come? How will this help my teen move forward? and more…

When: Monday, August 21st at 1 pm to Friday, August 25th at 10 am

Who: Teen boys ages 13 – 19

Where: The Dundee Lodge–

Cost:  $475

Early Price: $425 (available until August 1, 2017 – financial assistance is available if needed, please inquire)