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PlayHuge For Parents

Who can Play Huge Coaching really help?

You want to be connected to your teenager. You are trying to figure out what is going on and how you can help. You care deeply, but are finding communication and connection difficult. They maybe saying things like “I hate you” and don’t listen to you.

They are struggling with motivation. They don’t want to go to school or care about school. They don’t want to study or do anything useful.

They feel alone and don’t have friends. They don’t fit in. They learn differently. They care about things others don’t. They have trouble finding friends and people to connect with.

You’ve tried other options and nothing has worked. The therapists, tutors, your consequences, medications, school meetings, and all your other efforts, haven’t helped.

They are in trouble. Doing drugs, too much screen time, sneaking out, not telling the truth, etc. You thought everything was going okay, but they have found trouble. It’s painful and embarrassing, and you’re disappointed. You have to figure our what to do now. girl-teenager-rude

Your kid is a good kid, but is struggling. You know they could be doing better, but they aren’t. They aren’t using their potential and you just don’t understand.

You’re afraid they’re making bad choices. You worry that they are getting further from where they should be and are making things overly difficult for themselves.

They are caring, intelligent, and passionate, but rebellous. They have all the ability they need, but just insist on doing things their own way.

You are interested in alternative educational options. School isn’t working for them, or for you. Looking ahead, college doesn’t seem realistic, but other options don’t seem very good or are REALLY expensive.

No matter which of these situations you find yourself in, we can help you.

Our approach works for parents who:

  • Have teenagers in school
  • Have teenagers that are different, unique, or non-traditional
  • Have teenagers that are struggling in school or have dropped out
  • Have teenagers who recently graduated from HS, are in college, are considering college, or aren’t certain about college
  • Are considering a gap-year program or searching for alternative educational options
  • Are dealing with teenagers who have ADD/ADHD
  • Have teenagers who are cutting, doing drugs, binge drinking, depressed, anxious, stressed, being overly sexual, or lost in video gamess
  • Have young adults not in college anymore or who have recently graduated from college
  • Are married, in same sex partnerships, divorced or single

But, will it work for you?

Yes, if you have the following values:

Life skills. The skills necesary to be successful in an uncertain future are not academic, but include confidence, perseverance, courage, and creativity.

Each of us is unique.  Inside each of us is a valuable, beautiful, and unique gift to share. It eats at you. It guides you. There is a burning desire inside you to find this genius and a big commitment to begin living it..

Many ways to be smart.  There are many ways to be smart that go far beyond success in the acedemic world.O&E leaving 1745

Long term success is where it’s at. Band-aids and simple appearance based change is not of interest. You want deep, meaningful, long term connection to what is possible for you.

Make a difference. You want to find a way to contribute that feeds your heart and has a positive impact.

Happy, healthy, and motivated. You know that there is more to life than surface level appearances. You want to taste love, enjoy deep connection to people and the natural world, experience a connection to spirit, aliveness with your soul, and deep heartfelt satisfaction with your life.

Guidance. The belief that is imperative to find a mentor, teacher, master, elder who has journeyed where you hope to journey. It makes it way easier, but not easy, to find a trusted guide.

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Maybe you’re wondering how this all works. See for yourself: check out How it works for parents.

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