Launch Your Life

A parent asked the other day, “How do you listen differently? What do you mean by that?” Launch Your Life has the answer. It’s called Empathetic Listening and there is a bunch of information and steps you can take in Launch Your Life.

It’s fun to see the explosion of grapic stories today, and Launch Your Life was on that trend early. There is a beautifully illustrated and well written Graphic Story – “What will it take?” contained inside Launch Your Life (it was illustrated by the gifted comic book artist and game creator Ben Dewey

I recently read a book for parents (who we know are busy these days) where the author suggested that you can read the book quickly by reading the summaries at the beginning of each chapter. Brilliant. Guess what? Launch Your Life has mind maps, summaries, and comic book characters sharing their highlights of each chapter.

The 5 secrets. They are really solid concepts that draw your attention to finding a life of meaning and fulfillment. But this isn’t cute and sexy. It is real. The secrets aren’t for the quick fix. They aren’t so you look good. They are 5 secrets to finding what your spirit and soul crave.

As i go back and look at the book I created, I feel more and more proud. If you care about yourself and your kids, get a copy. Listen to the audio.

Your heart is calling out for something different, something more real. You crave that aliveness and connection to your biggest self. When you are ready to take a step forward, here is a great deal that will get you on the path.

Playing Huge.

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If it sounds good, now is the time to Launch Your Life

Launch Your Life – PDF version Yes
LYL for teachers, leaders, mentors audio recording Yes
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LYL for parents audio recording Yes
PHC Audio – The Difficult Journey for the Caring Kid Yes
Bonus: What will it take comic book – PDF version Yes
Launch Your Life: 5 secrets to knowing what you want in your teens, college years and early career – print version Yes Yes
Special Price $19.95 $39+s/h

My commitment is to the young people in the world today and the parents ready to step it up. If for some reason you don’t find what you are looking for in Launch Your Life, I offer a moneyback guarantee. I operate in the world of integrity and honesty, so if it gets to that point, please contact me and we will work out an arrangement. Sound good?